Thursday, April 29, 2010

The word of the day is...UMMM

Oh boy where do I start? I could tell this day was going to start off interesting by the sleep (or lack there of) I got last night. I was so nervous about my upcoming interview that Ihad that weird sleep all night, where you feel like you are awake but really you are half sleeping. I just couldn't relax and on top of that Brody wasn't very helpful by waking up within on hour of his previous feeding.

I finally got out of bed on time to take my shower ( which I cried through) and was trying to relax and get mentally prepared. I almost didn't go to this interview this morning because I was so scared and part of me just really didn't want to get the job. I felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde going back and fourth about my feelings about the interview. I knew that on one hand I needed to land this job for money reasons and on the other hand if I didn't get it then I wouldn't have to leave my babies. Ugh it is so hard to be prepared for an interview when your emotions are running wild.

Eventually I finished getting ready and got my butt in the car (early for once!) and off I went. Of course I passed the building the first time even though I had google earthed it so I knew what to look for, and then it started to hail....yes HAIL! I was thinking "Oh haaaaail no" as Katie would say :) made a U-Turn and finally made it to the parking lot only to find there were no numbers on the buildings! There were two huge buildings that looked exactly the same (which was oh so helpful) so I picked one and hoped for the best. I got lucky and picked the right one and that is pretty much where my luck stopped. I sat there for a good 20 minutes (since I was early) and there is nothing worse than sitting there waiting. Finally two women walked down the large stairs and approached me. They didn't smile at first they just stared at me. I nervously smiled and finally they said "Brittany?" I replied yes and we made our way back up the stairs.

I made some small talk going up the stairs to show that I was personable and friendly because I knew once the interview started I would probably freeze up and look stupid. I was hoping I wouldn't but hey this was my first interview in about 5 years sooo ya know. We got in the room and the two women put on their Van Damme faces and instantly I got nervous. Let me just say something, interviews are scary no matter who you are, and most of the time it is just one person interviewing you but this time there were two of them just staring at me! It felt more like an interrogation than an interview. They started off telling me about the company, who they were, what they were about, blah blah blah and then asked me about my employment history and this is where is started going downhill. The number one rule you do not break when interviewing is saying umm a lot or even a little. I know this but I still managed to say umm about every third word out of my mouth. Every time I would say it I would think "STOP SAYING UMM!!!" followed by more umms. I just froze I didn't know how to talk, sit, present myself..NOTHING. Then they asked me "Do you have any questions for us?" I thought "Don't say no, don't say no, quick think of something!!" to which I responded "Nope! I was going to ask about the company but you already explained that to me." Oh seriously?? Did I just say that?? That's right I couldn't think of ONE question, in fact I froze up so much I didn't even ask what the pay scale was! After that they said "OK well if you don't have any questions for us I guess we can stop" Uh oh not good. As they were walking me back down the stairs to the doors I tried to make small talk again but I knew it had gone pretty bad. Then instead of saying "OK we will be in touch" or ANYTHING they said "OK well have a nice day and thank you for coming in" did you hear that? Yeah that would be the nail in the coffin. I knew it was over by then.

Total time of the interview: 15 minutes....not good

I was pretty pissed at myself that I messed it up so bad but I really did try my best. I can't help it that I froze and I tried my best to make myself sound good and answer all of their questions professionally. I suppose if it is meant to be then I will get it. Only once in my life have I interviewed for a job and not gotten it, this may very well be the second.

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