Friday, April 2, 2010

What?? Its only been a few months!

Wow ok so I didn't realize that I have been neglecting my blog so here I am showing some love! There hasn't really been too much to report except for the fact that I had my baby!! Brody came a little earlier than we had anticipated but we are so happy he is here :)

It started last Thursday the 25th, I had been having sporadic contractions for a few hours but nothing I could keep track of. They were so inconsistent that I really didn't think much of them. After a few hours they stopped but I had this nagging cramp in my lower stomach so I decided to call the hospital. They didn't really sound worried and told me I should just come in to be safe and get checked out. We went to the hospital at about 11pm and they hooked me up to the monitors to be observed and all that fun stuff. After the got me all situated they checked to see if I was dilated and I was 2cm (earlier in the day i had a dr.appt. and I was 0 cm dilated) Over the next hour I had 3 big contractions and they checked me again and I was then 3 cm dilated. I was progressing pretty fast so they decided to call my OB. About 5 minutes after they left to call my OB the nurse comes in and says "We're having a baby!" I was in total shock, I was fully expecting to be sent home with a shot or something but no I was going to deliver. It is a scary thing to think you are going home to being told you are going to have a baby. They prepped me all up and the nurse gave me an IV (which hurt like HELL) then had me walk to the operating room.

Once we got into the OR they had me lean over the table to get an epidural. First they gave me a shot to numb the back then they gave me the actual spinal. Getting the epidural is scary, I mean they are sticking a needle in your spine! All I kept thinking about was "what if this is the last time I can feel my legs? What if I flinch and they paralyze me?" Just when I had all of these horrible thoughts going through my head Braden's favorite song came on the radio (they had one on in the OR...weird huh?) For reasons unknown to me my son Braden loves the song I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. I started to relax a little bit because I started to think of my little guy sitting at his Gigi's house having no idea he was about to be a big brother 3 weeks early. That ease and relaxation quickly passed when they laid me down on the table and started getting me ready to deliver. The spinal drug they had given me starts numbing your toes and works its way up all the way to the middle of your chest and it is a horrible feeling, I felt like I was being suffocated. They put the oxygen mask on me and I just started taking really deep breaths and trying to chill out while they started to operate. Because I had had an emergency c-section with my son they decided I would have a c-section with this one too. I wanted to try naturally but my doc says no no.

Once the doctor started operating on me I heard he talking about how she was leaving for California in a few hours and her and the nurse were just engaged in some general chit chat. I would kind of come in and out of realizing what was going on and would turn to Jon every now and then and say how scared I was. With Braden my c-section took about 2 minutes because he was in distress....since this one was fine it took them about 15 minutes but it seemed like forever. Finally at 1:34 am on Friday March 26th 2010 little Brody came into the world screaming bloody murder. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 8 oz and 18.5 in. long. Hearing him cry was the best sound in the world. I got to see him for about 2 seconds before the whisked him away. My doctor congratulated me sewed and stapled me shut and went on her way. Once I made it to my room I had the uncontrollable shakes and listened to the nurse talk about how stupid her black sheep brother was lol. After a little bit Jon a nurse and the doctor came in and I knew something was wrong. Turns out Brody had got some fluid in his lungs and was having trouble breathing. I was very upset since I was looking forward to seeing him. I was told from the beginning that he would remain in the NICU for the entire stay at the hospital. :(

The next morning I was able to go see him in the NICU but he was hooked up to so many things I wasn't able to hold him until 2 days later. Everyday he got better and they were slowly disconnecting things from him (ventilator, antibiotics, IV, oxygen just to name a few) We were told at the earliest he would not be able to go home until Friday April 2nd. I was able to stay in the hospital until the 30th of March, and going home without your baby is the worst feeling. You go in that hospital with the baby and you should be able to stay until you can carry that baby out. I was fully expecting to spend the next few days going back and forth from the hospital but on Wed. the 31st we were told he was well enough to come home early! We were thrilled :)
Brody is now a week old and is doing great at home. We couldn't be happier...the birth of Brody should make for some very fun posts as babies bring so many unexpected things to the table :)


  1. I started to get teary eyed reading this. When I received my epidural I was going through some serious painful contractions so I didn't even feel it. The IV ALWAYS HURTS!!!! I think that was the worst part for me in delivery, don't get me wrong contractions are painful, but before you even know what pain is they give you HONKIN HUGE IV in you teeny tiny vein and poke you a good 3 4times...ahhhh I hate the IV TOO! Well I'm soooo happy to hear he came home with you guy's, I bet Braden is so excited to be a big brother and I'm sure daddy is proud, as well as mama...I send you all soooooo much love xoxox

  2. The IV was the worst for me too and I hated having the shakes. Tim was so scared when I was shaking that he thought I was going into shock and when they pull the baby out of you my whole body practically lifted off the table. I'm so glad you and Brody are doing okay though =)