Thursday, January 28, 2010

I owe you this much....

Dear Scale,

You and I have had our struggles for many years now. We have been through adolescence, high school, moving out on our own, pregnancy, and post pregnancy. I will admit my relationship with you is a love/hate although for the most part (and I mean this in the best way possible) I hate you. We are now at a point where I am pregnant again, therefore I have been purposefully avoiding you. I know you are there, sitting in the same spot you have always been, but I choose to imagine you do not exist right now so I can keep my sanity. You see Scale, if I step on you every day I will only make myself crazy and not take advantage of the cravings and occasional "eating for two" excuse. Which brings me to your much taller unforgiving cousin, the doctors office scale. Your cousin makes me feel that much worse when I hear the clink of that big black bar being moved over to the right followed by the little black bar being scooted closer and closer to the edge. I try all the normal excuses "I had a big lunch" "these shoes are clunky" "I just drank like a gallon of water" but no matter what I do it reads just the same. I could get upset and cry about it but I have decided that I want to try and enjoy myself and worry about this weight gain later. As much as I would love to look like a pregnant celebrity with the same frame I started with ( ok maybe a little smaller) with the exception of a little basketball sized belly that just won't happen for me. I will also not walk out of the hospital slim and slender like it never happened......which is honestly good news for you. Scale, I will see you very very soon. In just a few months I will step on you almost everyday to see if I have made any progress by going to that evil place we call the gym. So just try to hang in there, I know you are there, I see you and yes I see the dust too. I sincerely hope the next time we meet we develop more of a love than hate relationship.

Forever Yours, (like it or not)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

yeah I know...more bad news

Oooook then! Well the pizza place that Jon was working at closed down for good. The owner decided to take off while he still owed Jon about $750, which is oh so nice. What a douche. I don't know what I am more upset about, the fact that we will probably NEVER see that money,or the fact that he worked for 75 hours all for nothing! All I can hope for is that he gets his someday and that he stays far away from me as I may have some choice words for him. I understand that everyone is having a hard time right now, but to take advantage of someone just makes me sick. What the hell is the world coming to? No wonder this country is so messed up right now, we can't even look out for one another. It seems like the worse things get the more shady people become. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad if we just came together and started doing the right thing.

One more thing I wanted to say. I am so sick to death of hearing about people walking away from homes they can afford just because they want to move. Those people are taking advantage of this bad economy and making things so hard for people who really are having a hard time. Things will never get better if people keep abusing the situation. Thats just too bad in my opinion if you bought a house and dont like it anymore! Oh ok yeah lets just let it foreclose and pick a place we like better, that will help our economy! Especially since Las Vegas is doing SO WELL when it comes to the housing markets. Eventually the banks will come back after your ass and I hope they do, if you willingly let your house go into foreclosure. That is so stupid! Ugh sometimes I feel like I am the only person in the world who gets anything. Wake up people! Stop messing shit up! I would really like to see things turn around in the future! I really wish I had money so I could buy my own country, but if I had money to do that I wouldn't be bitching about not having money, which means I wouldn't be writing right now! When I have something happy to report I will update the meantime if you feel like donating money go ahead :)

Oh on one happy note we did find out that we have full insurance coverage until September so we no longer have to worry about being covered when the baby comes! Lets hope that this is the start of a good news trend!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ok I feel better

The first set of pictures of obviously the befores...

After only $20 and 2 hours of work the most wonderful handyman in the world (my husband) fixed the hole and the trim for me right away so either:

1. He wouldn't have to listen to me bitch about it
2. He wanted something to do

Either way I am a lot more calm now that I see it all finished! Oh and he didn't do ALL the work...I painted :)

Wow welcome to 2010! Lucky meee!

New Years Eve started out kind of bad for me. At around 4:30 I got a splitting headache which should have been my warning. I put Braden down for his nap and tried to catch a few zzz's myself. I acomplished that for a total of 30 minutes before being scared shitless out of my bed by the loudest booming I have ever heard, followed by my house shaking and Braden running into my room screaming and crying. Turns out even though more than half of my development is dirt lots (builder went out of business) my dumbass neighbors decided to start lighing off their giant ass illegal fireworks right in front of MY house! Pissed off and annoyed I called the police because I knew it was going to go on all night and didn't want my house to catch on fire since I wasn't going to be home. I know a lot of people are calling me a "party pooper" among other things right now for the fact that I tried to spoil their fun, but trust me it gets so much better later.

Against the wishes of my head I got into the shower and staarted getting ready to go to the NYE party we had planned on going to all week. I started feeling better and was starting to get excited to go. Jon got off work early which was a nice bonus and we had a delicious dinner of cereal and grilled cheese. We got to the party around 8:30 hung out, everyone (else) started drinking and so on. For being the only sober one I had a lot of fun. Yes I was jealous everytime I saw a shot lined up, or heard a beer cracking open,but thats ok because I am SO there next year! Next time Jon and I want to have a baby I am going to plan on not being pregnant during the holidays!! Anyways, we had a lot of fun and stayed until about 2am mostly because Braden was extremely tired and starting to show it. I was also getting sick for some reason so we decided to go home.

Before we left I put Dakota (my 14 year old lab/german sheapard) in the garage because I knew the sound or sight of fireworks would freak her out. I pulled up to the driveway and walked though the front door to let her in from the garage, and when I opened the garage door I instantly went from having a really good night, to a really really REALLY shitty night. My 14 year old dog who cant hardly hear you call her name anymore, or walk half the time geared up enough strength to CHEW A HOLE THROUGH THE WALL, rip the trim off the door and scratch the crap out of anything near the door. She had chewed and scratched so hard that there was blood all over the place too. I stood there in shock hoping for a minute this was a bad dream or at least hoping it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.....but it was. I tried not to get mad at her but the fact that my house isnt even a year old yet, it pissed me off to no end.

Instantly my anger turned towards my stupid stupid drunk neighbors who I suspect had been lighting off those loud ass fireworks ALL NIGHT. In the 14 years of my dogs life she has never caused damage like that to anything. I know that because of them she did this, and my theory was right, because when I looked out my window this morning all I could see were burn marks on the street. I know I can't go knocking on their door and telling them they get to pay for the repairs, but I would love to have some words with them. I am also starting to suspect that since it was NYE the police had a lot more important things going on last night than to deal with my complaint, and I understand that, but I still wish they would have come and took away their trashbags full of fireworks I saw them digging through last night. This is not the way I envisioned my new year to kick off, and all I can hope for is that this isn't a preview of things to come. Happy 2010 Everyone!!