Friday, January 1, 2010

Wow welcome to 2010! Lucky meee!

New Years Eve started out kind of bad for me. At around 4:30 I got a splitting headache which should have been my warning. I put Braden down for his nap and tried to catch a few zzz's myself. I acomplished that for a total of 30 minutes before being scared shitless out of my bed by the loudest booming I have ever heard, followed by my house shaking and Braden running into my room screaming and crying. Turns out even though more than half of my development is dirt lots (builder went out of business) my dumbass neighbors decided to start lighing off their giant ass illegal fireworks right in front of MY house! Pissed off and annoyed I called the police because I knew it was going to go on all night and didn't want my house to catch on fire since I wasn't going to be home. I know a lot of people are calling me a "party pooper" among other things right now for the fact that I tried to spoil their fun, but trust me it gets so much better later.

Against the wishes of my head I got into the shower and staarted getting ready to go to the NYE party we had planned on going to all week. I started feeling better and was starting to get excited to go. Jon got off work early which was a nice bonus and we had a delicious dinner of cereal and grilled cheese. We got to the party around 8:30 hung out, everyone (else) started drinking and so on. For being the only sober one I had a lot of fun. Yes I was jealous everytime I saw a shot lined up, or heard a beer cracking open,but thats ok because I am SO there next year! Next time Jon and I want to have a baby I am going to plan on not being pregnant during the holidays!! Anyways, we had a lot of fun and stayed until about 2am mostly because Braden was extremely tired and starting to show it. I was also getting sick for some reason so we decided to go home.

Before we left I put Dakota (my 14 year old lab/german sheapard) in the garage because I knew the sound or sight of fireworks would freak her out. I pulled up to the driveway and walked though the front door to let her in from the garage, and when I opened the garage door I instantly went from having a really good night, to a really really REALLY shitty night. My 14 year old dog who cant hardly hear you call her name anymore, or walk half the time geared up enough strength to CHEW A HOLE THROUGH THE WALL, rip the trim off the door and scratch the crap out of anything near the door. She had chewed and scratched so hard that there was blood all over the place too. I stood there in shock hoping for a minute this was a bad dream or at least hoping it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.....but it was. I tried not to get mad at her but the fact that my house isnt even a year old yet, it pissed me off to no end.

Instantly my anger turned towards my stupid stupid drunk neighbors who I suspect had been lighting off those loud ass fireworks ALL NIGHT. In the 14 years of my dogs life she has never caused damage like that to anything. I know that because of them she did this, and my theory was right, because when I looked out my window this morning all I could see were burn marks on the street. I know I can't go knocking on their door and telling them they get to pay for the repairs, but I would love to have some words with them. I am also starting to suspect that since it was NYE the police had a lot more important things going on last night than to deal with my complaint, and I understand that, but I still wish they would have come and took away their trashbags full of fireworks I saw them digging through last night. This is not the way I envisioned my new year to kick off, and all I can hope for is that this isn't a preview of things to come. Happy 2010 Everyone!!

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  1. All I can say is OMG! I cannot believe your dog did that! Poor thing was sacred shit! Don't worry I was lying in bed reading while Clover was sleeping and I knew it had to of been 12:00 because all I heard was boom boom boom, towards the strip. Then all of a sudden I hear a LOUD BOOM and crackiling against the side window...It scared that shit out of me and pissed me off at the same time, because I really didn't want Clover to wake up. Our neighbors that live behind us were lighting their illegal fire works towards my parents house (DUMBASSES), and the fireworks were landing on our freaking roof! Don't get me wrong I love fireworks and a glass of beer but this year I just wasn't feeling it, especially with Braden gone. So I was a little frustrated with the whold fireworks at 12:00 at night. I just think some people are reckless. Anyhow, I love you and I hope this year is a good one for the both us. Dear New Year, Please treat us kind :).