Wednesday, January 13, 2010

yeah I know...more bad news

Oooook then! Well the pizza place that Jon was working at closed down for good. The owner decided to take off while he still owed Jon about $750, which is oh so nice. What a douche. I don't know what I am more upset about, the fact that we will probably NEVER see that money,or the fact that he worked for 75 hours all for nothing! All I can hope for is that he gets his someday and that he stays far away from me as I may have some choice words for him. I understand that everyone is having a hard time right now, but to take advantage of someone just makes me sick. What the hell is the world coming to? No wonder this country is so messed up right now, we can't even look out for one another. It seems like the worse things get the more shady people become. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad if we just came together and started doing the right thing.

One more thing I wanted to say. I am so sick to death of hearing about people walking away from homes they can afford just because they want to move. Those people are taking advantage of this bad economy and making things so hard for people who really are having a hard time. Things will never get better if people keep abusing the situation. Thats just too bad in my opinion if you bought a house and dont like it anymore! Oh ok yeah lets just let it foreclose and pick a place we like better, that will help our economy! Especially since Las Vegas is doing SO WELL when it comes to the housing markets. Eventually the banks will come back after your ass and I hope they do, if you willingly let your house go into foreclosure. That is so stupid! Ugh sometimes I feel like I am the only person in the world who gets anything. Wake up people! Stop messing shit up! I would really like to see things turn around in the future! I really wish I had money so I could buy my own country, but if I had money to do that I wouldn't be bitching about not having money, which means I wouldn't be writing right now! When I have something happy to report I will update the meantime if you feel like donating money go ahead :)

Oh on one happy note we did find out that we have full insurance coverage until September so we no longer have to worry about being covered when the baby comes! Lets hope that this is the start of a good news trend!

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