Thursday, January 28, 2010

I owe you this much....

Dear Scale,

You and I have had our struggles for many years now. We have been through adolescence, high school, moving out on our own, pregnancy, and post pregnancy. I will admit my relationship with you is a love/hate although for the most part (and I mean this in the best way possible) I hate you. We are now at a point where I am pregnant again, therefore I have been purposefully avoiding you. I know you are there, sitting in the same spot you have always been, but I choose to imagine you do not exist right now so I can keep my sanity. You see Scale, if I step on you every day I will only make myself crazy and not take advantage of the cravings and occasional "eating for two" excuse. Which brings me to your much taller unforgiving cousin, the doctors office scale. Your cousin makes me feel that much worse when I hear the clink of that big black bar being moved over to the right followed by the little black bar being scooted closer and closer to the edge. I try all the normal excuses "I had a big lunch" "these shoes are clunky" "I just drank like a gallon of water" but no matter what I do it reads just the same. I could get upset and cry about it but I have decided that I want to try and enjoy myself and worry about this weight gain later. As much as I would love to look like a pregnant celebrity with the same frame I started with ( ok maybe a little smaller) with the exception of a little basketball sized belly that just won't happen for me. I will also not walk out of the hospital slim and slender like it never happened......which is honestly good news for you. Scale, I will see you very very soon. In just a few months I will step on you almost everyday to see if I have made any progress by going to that evil place we call the gym. So just try to hang in there, I know you are there, I see you and yes I see the dust too. I sincerely hope the next time we meet we develop more of a love than hate relationship.

Forever Yours, (like it or not)


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  1. Brittany, I felt the same way when I was pregnant, I hated going to the Doctors because I dreaded that damn scale. But, honestly, super honestly, you great! Your weight looks healthy and your stomach looks beautiful! You look like a beautiful, glowing, healthy pregnant woman. I see your pretty photos of your belly and your arms always look good. You will lose all that water weight so fast after this baby, hang in there, I know being preggers isn't all that great and dandy. You are so close to having that little baby in your hands.