Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sleep Deprived and Work??

So wow yeah my little Shovel is over a month old already! Time is going so fast and he is getting so big everyday. I am still amazed at how in love I am with him, and how everyday I just seem to love him more. He is such a **knock on wood** good baby. We are still adjusting and his sleep schedule is still a little off but I am managing. Some nights he will sleep for a straight 4 hours and other nights he is up every hour and a half.

Braden is also still adjusting. He is honestly a very good boy it is just lately he is doing anything and everything to get a rise out of me. He knows he is doing wrong but he just keeps going. On the upside though he is completely done with Pull-Ups and is sleeping through the night in his underwear. I was afraid when we brought Shovel home that Braden might go backwards and start peeing his pants for more attention or to be more like a baby, but he did just the opposite and we are rewarding him later this week (he will get to pick a toy)

It has now been 6 whole months since Jon got laid off and since our saving is getting pretty low we decided I should start job hunting. In fact I have an interview tomorrow. I have so many mixed emotions about it but I really don't have a choice. I know I am doing it for my family but that really doesn't make it any easier. Most people take off the first 3 months of thier baby's life and here I am with a 1 month old job hunting. I suppose the only upside is the fact that I don't have to put him in daycare and he will be home with his daddy. Once Jon gets steady work again I can quit and go back to being home but who knows when that will be!

I am so afraid I am going to miss all of Brody's firsts if I am away at work. Things like his first smile, rolling over, saying a word, crawling!! What if I end up working long enough to miss all of those?? Not to mention Braden starts school this year and I will be dammed if I miss his first day of Kindergarten.....btw why is it spelled kinderGARTEN, shouldn't it be kinderGARDEN? I mean isn't that the way we all say it? Ok I am getting off the subject which means it is time to go. I will try to update more often but newborns don't leave much extra time :)

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  1. why does a baby crying always make me giggle. they get so pissed and it cracks me up. I used to always laugh when Conrad would make his ugly squished crying face when he was littler. It's just too cute.