Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have come to realize

I have done this before and like to revise it every so often and encourage everyone else to do it too :)

I have come to realize:

I will never have the perfect body
I will never be a perfect mother
People closest to you hurt you the most when they let you down
Never doesn't always mean never
Mid life crises do exist
You never get used to losing people you love
You can forgive but hardly forget
I have a lot to learn
My mother made me who I am
Motherhood is exciting, terrifying,a dn rewarding all at the same time
I have no idea what I want to do with my life
I am a good person
The drama doesn't stop after high lessens
There is always someone out there who will try to bring you down
People do deserve second chances...just not third, fourth, or fifth
Some people will never change
I do not regret anything
I am a strong person
Sometimes I take things for granted
My son changed my outlook on life
Sometimes it is better to shut your mouth even if you know you are right
I can't fix everyones much as I want to
Laughter is the best medicine most of the time
I have the best family and friends (ok I have known that for a loooong time)
I can be needy
I love to be loved
It is ok to be wrong

Ok your turn!

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