Thursday, August 13, 2009


08/07/09 will officially go down as one of the best nights of my life. I know I sound like a freak to a lot of people for the ways I love No Doubt, bbut deal with it. I almost didn't go to this concert but I decided to anyway. It was one of the longest days ever, but it had the best outcome ever!
I got to the Hard Rock at 3:30 p.m. to start waiting in line for the concert (I had GA seats). The show didn't even start until 8, so I knew I was going ot be there for a while. Before we could get in the actual line security put us in this sort of "holding tank" to keep us from blocking doorways and stuff, basically we were a fire hazard. By 4 p.m. they let us line along the side of the hallway to the new Joint where we waited until about 5 p.m. STANDING....we were NOT aloud to sit down at all!
Since I was an ever exclusive No Doubt Fan Club Memeber (yes you may laugh now) I was hand picked from the line I was already in to be in a special VIP line...oooooooo! That line was much shorter but we STILL coulnt sit down! We waited in that line until 6 before they let us start herding into the venue so we could find a spot. While all of the people started getting 4-5 people deep in the center of the standing floor, I found a nice place to the left right up front (I have no problem being next to the subwoofers). It is at this spot I meet Chet my "designated secuirty guard" and he was awesome. We made signals in case I was getting crushed so he could get me out and he was telling me all the crazy stuff he has seen working these shows. He also gave me some dirt on Gwen but I will pretend she is not a diva and won't talk about what I heard. While waiting I meet this 15 year old girl who knows almost every security guard, has an iphone and is "Only here to see Panic At The Disco" psh I am assuming that since she was bragging about going to so many shows and making it known that she knows everyone in the damn building that mommy or daddy is either rich or owns the damn place. I couldn't get over the fact that she was waiting that long just to see the opening band. My friend Sarah and I convinced her to give No Doubt a shot.
Janel Sarah and I made friends with the guy and his lady friend behind us and were having a good time waiting for everything to start, eventhough by now I had been standing for 4 1/2 hours and my back was starting to hurt. Show starts and it is good so far The Sounds plays and Panic. Then No Doubt starts and it is glorious lol! Gwen is so beautiful it makes me sick. Her abs are to die for and does not look anywhere near her age of 40! She pauses throughout the show and brings people up on stage for pictures, signs autographs and takes things that people brought for her....signs, scrapbook, etc. So personable it was awesome! Although she didnt talk to me or anything but I didnt have anything cool to give her!
Then halfway through the show I see Janel exchanging words with this guy behind us. I ask her whats wrong and she says that he has been grinding his "thingy" on her for like 10 minutes. She took her elbow to push him off of her and he SHOVES her and starts getting in her face. Secuirty saw him and yelled at him but didn't take him out. I then exchanged words with him and he got in MY face! What a piece of shit, if you are a "man" and think pushing women around physically makes you a bad ass you are stupid. It makes you an insecure little penis moron. Fron there he continued to talk shit the rest of the might calling us fat, stupid, whores, and whatever...mind you this guy was like in his 30's or 40's and I couldnt figure out why he was grinding on Janel because every time I saw him he was rubbing up on a guy. Anyway he asked the secuirty guard to pull him out about 30minutes later and we didn't see him again. Yeah thats right you better run! haha
They played for like 2 hours and I caught two of Tom's guitar picks! I was so excited! yaaay! While we were exiting there is a binch of girls hounding this guy and I turn to Janel and say "Is that Carey Hart?" She goes "YES!" Wwe run up and get a picture and there are all these little skanky girls who got mad that we slipped in for a picture and one of them says to me "Hurry the fuck up he has to go!" I just ignored her, I wanted to tell her how cute it was that she was dressed up like a Harajuku Girl and how 3 years ago it was, and how pigtails are NOT cute unless you are 5 but I thought I would let her think she was so irresitably cute and hot that Carey would snatch her up and have his way with her (and then Pink would beat the crap out of her!). After that all we wanted to do was sit, so we did for about an hour so I could feel my legs again. We walked Sarah outside where her husband was waiting to pick her up and decided to leave. Then Janel suggested we go hang out by the tour busses for a little bit and see if we could see anyone. I didn't want to but she talked me into it.
We sat on a curn right by the busses for a while and I guess one of the bus drivers felt bad for us because he brought us food and drinks. He was awesome, he said "If you guys are waiting for Gwen she already went to bed, she has her kids." I told him I just wanted to see ANYONE! We didn't know that on the other side of the busses Tom and Tony were signing autographs and posing for pictures, but oh well. We sit for about an hour and then I look up and see Tom walking across the parking lot to his bus. I froze for a minute and then started screaming his name. He looked at me hesitant and I said please! Just one picture! He said "Ok come on!" and Janel and I ran over there. I sounded like a blubbering idiot saying "We were in the front row" "you are so awesome" and "you don't know what this means" but I was trying to talk so I didn't look like a school girl and cry. He took 3 pictures with us, which I was so thankful for because I don't think he wanted to come over to us at all. I told him I didn't want to bug him for an autograph hoping he would say "Oh no problem I'll give ya one" but instead he said "Ok!" and went to his bus. After that we made friends with a lot of the workers and they were telling us stories and just general bullshitting. We went to Tonys bus but his very rude assistant or whoever she was said "Tony is done for the night!" so we walked away and watched from afar. I did see him come out for a second but then he ran back in his bus.
We sat there until the busses left and I picked out whick one I thought was Gwen's. Eventhough I didn't get to meet all of them, or Gwen I still had an awesome night. It is amazing to love a band for 14 years and then finally come face to face with them and get a picture with one! Front row, guitar picks and stalking........true night of a fan :)