Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An open letter to Gwen Stefani.....

Ok is this???? These bags are hideous......bleh! I mean is that rubber in there RUBBER? Gwen you are supposed to be a fashion icon and you put out this crap? Ok I know this isn't the ENTIRE line and there MIGHT be something I like down the road but the preview you have released does not look good. Well, maybe I should thank you, because these bags are so ugly I will not be dropping $500+ on one this season and I can actually save some money. Nevermind the almost $500 I have spent on No Doubt tickets this year, oh pish posh! I seriously hope that you go back to the drawing board and pump out some fabulousity for the Spring '10 line missy!
P.S. I still love you!!!


  1. hmm, they're ok (i guess) but i wouldn't spend anything crazy on them. i'm into more comfy looking/feeling bags anyway.

  2. me too! Oh well Jon is happy!! lol