Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My husband the....er....mechanic

For the past couple of days my car has been making this horrible noise when I would turn the air on level 3 or higher. Being the super (somewhat) investigator I am I figured out the problem myself (ok I googled). Turns out my blower fan was out or whatever. So Jon heads down to Auto Zone to pick up a new one and save the day. Of course they didn't have the part we needed....of course. I finally found on at the dealership and had Jon pick it up.

I swear what is it with men when they come home with a new car part? When he got home it seemed like he was trying not to skip to the garage. This is a man who just worked 12 hours (oh yeah he is working again btw...that's a topic for another blog) hadn't eaten since noon and wanted to play with the car before eating. Jon even gets like this when he is going to change the brakes and I think he secretly can't wait for the brakes to go she he can change them lol. Braden loves when Jon is out in the garage too because it gives him an excuse to go out there and play with all the toys that have mysteriously disappeared from the playroom. Every now and then Braden will come in from the garage and say "LOOK what I FOUND!" and I'm thinking to myself "Oh crap,it took forever to get him forget about that!" Anyway back to Jon.....

I opened the door to the garage to check and see what progress he was making and found him playing with his high powered flashlight that he had plugged into the car. This flashlight is more like a spotlight, like the ones that they shine at the sky for a grand opening or something. It also has two settings...bright and obnoxiously bright. He said "haha look at this *click* *click* *click* *click*" (turning it from bright to obnoxiously bright)I just stared at him, smirked and shut the door. I went back a few minutes later to remind him that I had to pick my mom up from the airport soon, so he needed to hurry. In the middle of telling him that my lights started turning off and on. I didn't think anything of it at first and then I realized that he had just killed my battery by playing with the damn flashlight!

I played it off for a minute:

me:"Uh what is wrong with the car?"
Jon:"Hmmm thats weird!"
Me:"Did you just kill my battery with that damn flashlight thing???"
Jon: "Nah maybe it is just starting to die" *unplugs flashlight*
Jon: *puts keys in ignition to try and start...click click click*

Yeah this time the clicking was bad. Although I think it is funny now I was not a happy camper when this was happening, mostly because I had to get my mom for the airport. The car was so dead that I couldn't even put the car in neutral so we could get it near Jon's truck for a jump. From there Jon took the battery out of his truck, put it next to my car, hooked up the cables,and got ready to try and jump it that way. I just started laughing, I have never seen anyone try and jump a car that way and I kept telling him it wouldn't work. We argued and he said it would....well we both were right. The battery alone gave the car just enough juice for the lights to come back on and for me to put it in neutral and get it down the driveway, but not before my cd player became possessed and started cycling through every cd nonstop...I actually got flashbacks from my Passat.

:::When I was 17 my VW Passat's computer (you know that thing that controls all the functions in the car?) started to die on me. The electric seat belt freaked out and was locking in place then unlocking, the air vents were switching on/off, the vent speeds were changing by themselves, the gas pedal floored itself, the radio was turning on and off in addition to changing the stations....all on the freeway. Can you imagine seeing a 17 year old on the freeway screaming that she was being attacked by her car? Yeah I would love to see that from the outside...I still miss that car, we had some good times, even if it was the devil car, red and all.
RIP RCKSTDY 1992-2004:::

Eventually we got the battery back in Jon's truck, hooked up the cables and my car started right back up with just about 10 minutes to spare before I had to leave. Even though he did eventually save the day....he got his flashlight taken away

Oh and P.S. I can't believe that I forgot to take pictures of this...i need to take more pictures!!

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