Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Kristen Stewart,

Please wipe that scowl off of your face! Why do you always look so pissed off? Do you really hate the fame, or are you just trying to be mysterious? Well if you don't want to be famous and have people asking you for autographs and asking about your personal life go work at McDonalds! That way you won't have to feel "uncomfortable"

No I'm being mean...these are probably the reasons you are always so mad:

You HAVE to kiss R-Patz and you are totally dating him..ugh eeewww! (being sarcastic)
You have a LOT of money...like A LOT
You are always in good movies (ok most of them)
People want your autograph and picture..ugh how rude!
You get awards and have to accept them

Geez I could go on and on about how bad your life is!! Poor thing!

P.S. I know your life sucks and everything but if you ever want to trade....


  1. hahahaha I love you! Hey I'm going to try coming up the weekend before ECLIPSE!!!! I'm coming and seeing you and that sweet little baby of yours, no BUTTS about it! Anyhow keep you updated missy :)