Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brodys 1st trip to the ER....FOR NOTHING

Ugh I swear it is so hard to find people who know what the hell they are talking about!! Last night I was a little worried about Brody because his sleeping habits and eating habits were changing and he hadn't gone poopie in 3 whole days. He is breastfed and I have been told that if he isn't going poopie a few times a day it is abnormal. I decided to call his pediatricians "medical advice line" last night. It took them 45 minutes to call me back and by the time I got off the phone with her I was in tears rushing to the ER. Here's what happened....

When the nurse called we went through the normal, birthday, etc. she asked what was wrong and I told her Brody is breastfed hadn't had a bowel movement in 3 days, was sleeping longer, and not eating as much. She asked a million questions and then told me this...."A baby his age should never go longer than 1-2 hours in between feedings, he shouldn't be sleeping for that many hours at a time, something is seriously wrong and you need to get him to the ER RIGHT NOW to get his stomach checked out. I should have questioned her more before I loaded Braden up to go to his Mom-moms at 1am and started crying and freaking out that something was seriously wrong with my baby. I thought some of the things she was saying to me weren't right but she is a professional right? The only thing I could think of is that she was thinking he was 11 DAYS old not WEEKS, but nonetheless I scrambled to get everything together and rushed to the ER.

On the way to the ER I downed a Red Bull because I knew was going to be there for a a while and wanted to be alert...I think that was a mistake. I was all shaky when I showed up and Jon said my pupils were huge. I was afraid they were going to think I was on crack or something.

Much to my dismay both John Stamos and George Clooney had the night off so I had to deal with the other ER staff. When I checked Brody in they asked me why I was there and when I told them they looked at me like I was crazy for bringing him down there. I explained that I had talked to a nurse who told me this was an urgent matter that had to be looked at right away. They took his temp (normal temp) weighed him (15lbs now!) and told me it is not uncommon for babies to go that long without a bowel movement. I waited in the waiting room for just a few minutes (which was a surprise) and saw the doctor right away. I was explaining to her everything I had explained a few times by now and she gave me the same "why are you here again?" look. She told me the same thing, that it wasn't uncommon but they would check him out anyways. After examining him she said he is perfectly healthy looking, and she had no idea why that nurse told me to come in. She said if a baby his age wants to sleep for hours on end then fine. If he goes longer without eating then fine. Obviously he wasn't hungry because he is HUGE!! She was so confused and thought the same thing...that maybe the nurse had confused 11 weeks with 11 days. Either way she ordered some blood tests just to make sure everything was ok.

I have a really big problem with people getting blood drawn...I cant watch or its sleepy time for Brittany. My poor little guy got stuck in BOTH arms because they couldn't find a good vein. For 10 minutes I listened to my baby screaming while they tried to draw blood from him. It was horrible and devastating. When listening to that you get to a point where you either want to run out of there with the baby and say forget it or scream and yell at the phlebotomist and tell him to go back to school. It was now 3:30am and we were told we had to wait at least an hour for the blood test results.

In the meantime Jon and I sat in Brody's little room and watched "Family Matters" (I never realized how stupid that show is but it is really really stupid) while snacking on chips from the vending machine. Oh and on the way to the vending machine I passed their security guard who was sleeping...yeah thaaaats nice. I also consumed the most disgusting "mocha" out of one of those coffee machines that I have ever tasted in my life. The entire time we were sitting there waiting I was afraid the cops were going to come in an tell me they thought I was on something lol. If I were someone working there I would have thought something was wrong with me....shaky, dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes (from being exhausted), and having trouble concentrating when asked questions. That's the last time I load up on Red Bull and coffee without eating (cheetos are NOT food)

Finally it was about 4:45am and I went to find the nurse or doctor to find out what was going on. There was no one at the nurse station but I saw someone in a dark room behind the nurses station and noticed they were sleeping. A nurse came up and asked me if I needed anything and I statrted to tell him that I was trying to see if they got any results yet when the person sleeping in the dark room darted up. I then realized the person sleeping was the DOCTOR. Oh gosh seriously?? I know it wasn't a busy night but come on! She then told me that she had just looked and the results weren't in yet but she was going to call them again. I knew she was just pulling something out of her ass because she just got caught sleeping but I didn't say anything and trusted her to call the people.

Not 5 minutes later she came in and said he was 100% fine. All blood work came back normal and they gave him a laxative and sent us on our way. When we got outside the sun was up and that was not what I wanted to see. When we got home Jon and I and Brody were all exhausted and passed out.

The thing with last night is yes, I know people make mistakes but this was kind of a big one. I mean this nurse was so wrong about everything and sent me into a panic attack for no reason. My baby got poked and prodded for nothing. If she had confused 11 weeks with 11 days there isn't really an excuse given she had all of his info fright in front of her...most importantly his BIRTHDAY. I guess in the end the fact that he is ok is the most important thing.

Oh and in case you were wondering yes he pooped A LOT. It came out everywhere an was all over his legs arms name it! Hope you weren't getting ready to eat dinner :)

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