Monday, September 24, 2012


If you know me personally you know how much drinking and driving bothers me (and if you don't know me personally now you knew a little tidbit about me!).  Drinking and driving is one of the most idiotic, ridiculous, and avoidable things that people do wrong.  I have absolutely no respect or sympathy for people who decide to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking heavily, and end up hurting or killing someone.  My main reason?  Mostly because the drunk person hardly ever dies, they always kill innocent people.  Recently in Las Vegas some idiot driving 100MPH decided it would be a good idea to drive drunk and ran down a bus stop at 6:25AM where people were waiting so they could go about their honest lives and go to work.  It is sick to me how something so avoidable keeps happening, and I just don't understand why people even chance it, it is just so selfish!

There have been many many times that I have gone somewhere, gotten drunk but REFUSED to drive home.  One time when I was 16 and at a party I knew I drank too much (yes I know I wasn't old enough but most teens have done it at least once!) and asked someone else to drive my car.  16, so if I knew better there is no excuse for people older than that.  There is only one thing I hate more than a DUI and that is someone who has MULTIPLE DUI's.  I don't even get how such a thing is possible! Celebrities are the worst, how Lindsay Lohan is still ont he road is seriously beyond me, maybe they are just waiting for her to kill someone then they will "lay the law down". If you can't learn the first time then you don't deserve to ever be able to be on the roads again, plain and simple.  I don't want to take the chance of you hitting MY car with my innocent children in it, because that is who suffers, regular innocent people.  I must call the police at least once a week on people who appear to be drunk on the roads.  I don't care....if you are swerving, cant maintain a lane, keep speeding up and then slowing down or anything like that around me, you will probably be pulled over.  I would hope more people would call on drivers who appear to be intoxicated, that's why they have 311!  I have only ever had to call 911 once and that was because the guy (or girl) was so bad that I knew they were about to wreck, cutting over lanes of traffic and so on.

It all comes down to just being responsible.  If you are going out to meet friends or party and know you are going to drink then there is NO REASON you shouldn't be prepared!  Here is a little list of different things you can do to prevent killing someone because you want to drink and drive.

1. Bring a designated driver
2. Bring cab money
3. Call a local organization that will take you home! They DO exist!  Most will even get your car home too!
4. Have some responsible friends or family you can call in the event your DD flakes or you end up drinking more than you anticipated.

These may seem like obvious solutions that almost everyone knows, but everyone knows not to drink and drive too so....point made

This whole posting got started because of a local story in Las Vegas about a guy who killed a little girl last Halloween while she was trick or treating.  He was released on bail, under the condition that he didn't drive, or course he wasn't smart enough to listen to the judge and got yet ANOTHER DUI over the weekend.

I have no tolerance for DUI and you shouldnt either. I also think there should be bigger punishments for texting while driving, like the same as DUI punishments.  I have almost gotten in more accidents because people are texting than people who were drinking.  People it can wait!! There is nothing in the world important enough for you to text while you should be paying attention to the road and drivers around you.  If it is that important friggen pull over!!  People are dying for no reason whatsoever, completely avoidable deaths.  Just don't do it

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