Saturday, June 16, 2012

Check out these winners

Everyday I am constantly amazed at the way people are.  Mostly how incredibly irresponsible and stupid people are, especially when it comes to children.  Of course (unfortunately) there is a new story everyday about some dumbass who procreated and couldnt handle it.  These are a few of the most recent ones to make headlines.

Our first "winner" is Keith Antonine Furlow who put VODKA in his 4-month-old baby's bottle.  Oh but wait this is what his lawyer had to say "Everything isn't always as it seems," Mull said Friday in defense of her court-appointed client. "Accidents happen." OOOHHHH YEEEAAAHHH I'm sure there is a totally rational explanation as to why a 4-month-old died from alcohol poisoning.  In fact, there are so many other explanations running through my head right now I can't even pick one.

Our other "winner" is 
Catalina Clouser who left her 5-week-old baby on the ROOF OF HER CAR and proceeded to drive away.  Now how could anyone do such a dumbass thing you ask?  Oh she was just high and drunk.  However, just like Mr. Furlow I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation as to why she forgot her baby on the roof of her car, drove away, and didn't notice until she got to her friends house.  She was distraught because her boyfriend had left the park they were at to get more beer (did I mention she is 19?) and got popped for a DUI.  Well why didn't I say that in the first place?? That makes TOTAL sense now!  In fact, the only way she got caught was by retracing her steps and running into the cops on the highway where they found the baby, still strapped in his carseat, and unharmed thank god.

Sometimes I wonder why it is possible for total idiots like these to have kids while there are wonderful perfect people who can't get pregnant for various reasons.  It doesn't seem fair, I can only imagine how those people feel when they read these stories.  I know, yes, accidents happen, but these people's actions were not accidents.  One put vodka in a baby bottle and mixed it with formula, and the other got drunk and high and forgot her baby on the roof.  That may have been an accident, but either way she intended on driving drunk and high with her baby in the car so she gets no remorse from me.  If I were a judge (a professional) I would make them get sterilized pronto.  They (like so many others) do not deserve the chance to hurt another innocent person.

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