Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to avoid being worlds worst dad

There are a lot of things that bother me. In fact, I'm sure too many things bother me. However, nothing bothers me more than someone turning their back on their family. It is disgusting and should be embarrasing to that person. Although I am sick to death of dealing with, seeing, hearing, and talking about a "man" I know. I keep writing about him to show others how not to ever ever act. I won't go in to too much detail about what happened only because it is too long, but I will say that your children should always come first. To help those out there who may not know I have compiled a list of things fathers should live by to make them better, because I know of at least one who could really use this

1. Your children should always come first no matter what

2. It is not ok to let your new young ugly wife scream, swear or punish your child

3. NEVER let your new ugly wife spread nasty things about your child on the internet

4. ALWAYS defend your child, children are forever, ugly wives may not be

5. STOP finding a way to blame everyone else but your new ugly wife

6. Tell your new ugly wife to shut up once in a while

7. It is ok to spend a day alone with your child, cut the leash for a day

8. Don't make a promise if you intend on breaking it

9. Adoption is serious and shouldn't end when the child turns 18

10. Just because she is young enough to be your daughter, NO you cannot adopt your wife

11. If you chose an ugly wife over your children they will move on

12. Using children and their emotions to get what you want is a no no

13. If your child has a child it does not make you an automatic grandpa, that title is earned

14. If you leave a gift on a doorstep for the child of the child, the child will give the gift to charity

15. Just because you are a man doesn't mean you have balls, well maybe you did but now she keeps them in a jar on her nightstand

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  1. I agree! I miss you, lets do lunch or the park soon!