Monday, October 12, 2009

Stupid Ass People

I think we are all guilty of some mild road at least at some point in our lifetime. Throwing your hands up, maybe flipping a bird or two, tailgating after someone cuts you off, but I am seeing it more and more how out of control people can get over NOTHING.

Saturday was starting off as a really good day, aside from being sick. We had to go to the mall to return some stuff and were also planning on getting lunch or something. I was getting ready to make a right turn onto Sunset from Stephanie when this white Corolla decided it needed to get over. Well if any of you have ever tried to get to the mall on a Saturday afternoon you know how much traffic there is in the turn lane. There was nothing I could do but keep going, there was no reason for me to slam on my brakes and get rear ended because some dumbass didn't know where they were going, so I kept on my way, as I did after all have the right away since I was in my lane.

The car in front of me stops and is waiting for oncoming traffic when all of a sudden the Corolla jumps the curb and pulls along the drivers side of my car. He is ON THE CURB screaming and yelling at me because I wouldn't let him over. Then he says (in so many words I will edit) "What is wrong with you??? I have a kid in the car and you don't let me over?" He is not talking to me he is SCREAMING at the top of his lungs, pulled up on a curb illegally to tell me that I need to drive safer because HE has a baby in the car. Naturally Jon is pissed because this guy is calling me every name in the book and starts yelling back at him. I wanted to pull away but I couldn't because the car in front of me was still waiting for traffic to pass. I look down to roll the window up and start to ignore him when I see something flying at me. This guy just hocked a lugie at me from his car.

Holy crap are you serious? I can honestly say that I did nothing wrong to deserve this. I didn't cut him off, I didn't push him off the road, I didn't flip him off, all I did was maintain my lane and this guy is absolutely psychotic. My confusion quickly turned to outrageous anger and humiliation. A man spitting on a woman just may be one of the most degrading things. At this point Jon has the door open and is ready to jump out and beat the crap out of this guy but I convince him not to. The car takes off (by jumping the car off the curb) and tries to run. Of course still confused I call the police. We start following the car (at a distance) and while on the phone with the operator a hand comes from the backseat and is waving for us to follow like "Come on lets go" kind of egging on, I doubt at this point they knew the police were on the phone. I follow them to the Sunset Station parking lot where they start to circle. They finally stop at a stop sign, park their car, both get out and leave their NEWBORN BABY alone in the car to confront us.

At this point the doors are locked and the windows are up as I am still talking to the operator. They start screaming and yelling at us, telling us to get out of the car and "take care of this" then it is F this and F that (oh I forgot to mention that the passenger in the car is the MOTHER of the newborn and these two were probably younger than Jon and I...aaaannnnd I had Braden in the car) I just sat there and let them scream at me and freak out as I saw the police cars coming. As soon as the realize the cops are coming, all of a sudden the guy is trying to get his baby mam or whatever back in the car, making it look like he wasn't part of the entire thing. Even with the cop pulled up the girl wont stop freaking out on us. The guy is instructed to put his hands on the hood of the car and starts being questioned while she is STILL talking shit. But I never said a word, partially because at this point I am hysterical and freaked out. They get his side and our side then says they can't really do anything because they didn't see the incident and the asshole denied spitting on me (which isn't really a surprise even though I still had some in my hair) I had no proof. I could have pressed charges but he wouldn't have been arrested or even ticketed we would have just ended up going to court.

All I kept thinking about is if this guy is acting like this because I didn't slam on my brakes to let him cut me off, imagine if I ended up dragging their asses to court. I didn't want to deal with it. So I decided not to press any charges even though I wanted to . I was a wreck the rest of the day, you wouldn't think something like that would have a huge effect on you but it does. It is sick that people are like that. I hate people sometimes and I don't understand what goes through someones mind before they do something like that. I almost feel bad for those people, I mean how bad is their life going that something so small (and their fault) would set them off like that? What posses a new mother to leave her newborn parked in the middle of the street to confront someone? I guess I am lucky they didn't have a gun and next time I will probably just let myself get cut off, because this shit just isn't worth it to me. I can only hope that karma comes around to them someday and someone spits on them, then maybe they will see what jackasses they are, but then again people like that never seem to learn from their mistakes because they are never big enough to take responsibility for their actions.

If you want to be such a bad ass and spit on a woman it just makes you look like a jackass and an idiot if you deny it. You wanna be a hard ass? Admit to your shit, then maybe you regain some of yourself. Hardcore people admit to their crimes because it makes them feel like bad asses and they don't care if they go to jail because they are proud of themselves. How could a woman even want to be with someone like that? If he does that to a total stranger imagine what he will do to his baby mama, maybe they are meant for each other. Sorry for the rant but "That's what blogs are foooooooor"

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  1. dude i would have knocked him out, foreal. hi5.